Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Make Handmade Dumpling

I love Chinese dumplings and whenever I have some free time, I like making a batch of them. It's a good feeling knowing what's going into the dumpling.It beats frozen mystery meat any day.

I recently bought this funny little device that promises prefect looking dumplings and faster, more efficient dumpling making.

I am going to try making a batch of pork and bok choy dumplings with my new toy.


Ground (minced) pork
Bok choy, finely chopped
A packet of pre-made dumpling pastry

soy sauce
sesame oil
minced garlic

1. Mix the pork with chopped pok choy and seasoning
2. Place a sheet of pastry into dumpling maker and place a spoonful of the pork mixture into the centre

3. Close the dumpling maker, hold for a few seconds then take out the dumpling

Hm... does this look like an tasty dumpling?

4. Repeat steps to make a batch of dumplings! I managed to make 29 (just shy of 30!) dumplings using about 300g of pork and a batch of bok choy.

5. Just boil them for about 10 mins in water or broth to cook and serve them.


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  1. wow this looks so easy and delicious! so they didn't open in the boiling water, huh? amazing. where did you buy the dumpling maker? i need to try this!