Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well Rounded – Matzo Balls and Rounded Earrings

matzo balls and round earrings
It just so happens that the Asian symbol of joy, unity and family is a round round circle. Today’s top things are based around round things! (This reminds me of a children’s TV show called "Play School". They used to have a “Shape of the Day” and “Today’s Number”!) So yes, round things Thursday it is!

1. Matzo balls – I’m not Jewish myself but in celebration of Hanukkah, I made matzo balls for the first time and they floated (which is meant to be a sign of perfection)! Woot, victory to moi!

2. Wire Cluster Ball Dangle Earrings – I updated the pictures today because the old ones were looking a little dark. I think I like this blue and silver combination.

3. Sunflower Rays Earrings – Newly listed today. I love the little sparkling gems in the centre of the flower. What do you think?

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  1. Awww! Why must I discover a new Etsy shop I like when I am on a shopping ban!!!!!


    I will bookmark pages until I can spend.